Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wrapping up projects

I was able to get some progress done these past couple of days! I got my Gratitude journal set up and ready to start the final detailed journaling. Yes I know its a November project and its not November?!? Well it's ok I am OK with the fact that it is not on time as some people would say.

That is the best part of being creative it is all about YOU not anything or anyone else!!!

The cover feels like it still needs something more added to it. So I will wait until I feel what needs to be added later.

I used the free download on the 30 days from Cathy Zielske blog. I printed them smaller so they would fit on the pages easier.

I then used my facebook account to help write each day  something I was thankful for then I printed out the pages. If there were comments I added them to the pages.

Also if there were photos they were added as well.
As you can see there is some pages blank. This is where I plan to go back and journal my feeling about why I am thankful for it. I felt that part was more personal and will make it special in the coming years.
Since this was a smash book so of the graphics were getting in the way of writing anything so I added some paper where it will be easier to read and write something meaningful.

Not only did I finish the journal but I was able to get all my notes written down from my Big Picture class Twelve. I am so excited to be getting things marked off my list! I got the journal when I signed up for the class. As you can see all the tabs sticking out. I plan to use this for more ideas from other classes. I love how it is organized.

Now to get Project life in control!!!
Thanks for stopping by, what are you working on?


  1. I love your Gratitude Journal! I don't thank Gratitude is just something to associate with Thanksgiving - I think Gratitude is a practice we should incorporate into each and every day!

    Would love for you to share your creative projects with us at Inspire Me Monday, my weekly creativity party at

    Create With Joy

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks Joy! I will check out the your blog :)


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