Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 ~ New Beginnings

The best part of January 1 is its a New year and a new beginning to start over and reestablish new ideas and also start a new project life album.

I did alright in 2012 collecting all the items, taking photos & writing each day the problem was assembling the pages into the binder. It was difficult as I did not have a location where I could keep my album out with out it becoming a dog toy or cat napper mat.

So for 2013 I plan to continue the style and concept of project life. I am only going to make it my own!!! After moving this past Spring and seeing the 12+ boxes of scrapbook stuff it made me realize that I have stuff not scrapbooks. It was hard but I made a promise to myself that I would use up everything I have before buying more.

After digging into the boxes and finding several mini albums I realize how much fun I love doing mini the idea hit me for 2013 I will do a mini album!

Why a mini album?

  • It is 6x6  so I can carry it with me
  • The pages are both card stock and plastic pockets. The pockets are made from misc other pages that were cut down to fit the size. 
  • I can use up a great deal of stashed items in that size format
  • It will fit on the shelf easier
  • There is only 2 of us 
  • Don't feel obligated to scrap everyday!!!

I know you are asking yourself "How will 365 days fit in a 6x6?"
That is the best part, if and when I feel this album is full I can begin another mini album. It doesn't have to all fit into one book.

Here is a peek at the beginnings of the 2013 album:

My next project during 2013 is to finish what you started! I have several classes over at big picture classes that I was not able to finish for one reason or another so I am going to start over and finish them ALL!!!

I also found myself looking at old scrapbook books and gathering new ideas. I loved how old some of these books were I do not know if you can even buy some of these anymore. The one I love most is The Big Picture: Scrapbook Your Life. The concept is the same just the material we maybe using is different.

Lots of Inspiring going on this last day of 2012!

I hope that 2013 brings lots of creativity & completion of unfinished projects!

Let me know what your plans for 2013 will be....


  1. happy new year to you and yours and I hope 2013 is a year of much happiness, prosperity and good health. what a fab idea using a 6x6 I would like to start journalling/scrap booking and this sounds much more manageable good luck and I will be back to see your progress Andrea#9

  2. Well done you - an epiphany indeed, I love the ideas you've had, and the mini album too, because life isn't always one neat book, huh? it'll be even more fun to do it with your special take on it. Already the album is perfect - absolutely love the belly band!

  3. Great plans ! So good to have an "ah - ha " moment & it all becomes clear ! Hope you enjoy your mini album project ! Ali #121

  4. Love that you are making your own this year to use up your stash. I had to laugh at your 12 boxes when you moved. I'm not even going to tell you how many scrapbooking boxes I had. 3 or 4 times that. Ugh. But I was a super careful packer after working for that moving company. Can't wait to see your progress on this through the year. :)

    1. I thought you might like that :) But luckily I have gotten some unpacked but not everything :) Thanks for the comment!


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