Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Mail Section

Hi! Today I sat down and was able to send out 7 postcards to Moscow, China, Republic of Belarus, United Kingdom, US, & one to Japan. Below is the card that I made for this year. I have tried to make cards to mail out since 2009. 

I am a member of here you can send and receive post cards from all over the world. It is free except of the cost of postage and the post card. I have a large collection of postcards that I have displayed in albums and some in boxes. I had kept some of the favorite ones on the wall.

Here is some of the latest cards I have gotten:

I plan to include some of my cards here to share. The stamps are also interesting to see how different they are from the United States. Off to see what adventures today will bring!!!


  1. These are so cool. You are amassing a huge collection of awesome ephemera. I love the idea but the hardest part for me would be getting to the post office to get the right postage. I think I've been to the post office twice in the last 6 months...

  2. Funny thing is I do not go to the post office for stamps. I order them online about twice a year and that way I get the cool stamps. I hate asking for 98 cent stamps at the local post office they look at you and say it only cost 44 cents to mail a letter. I will have to share some of the stamps I got. People just send you some every now and then

  3. So funny and cheerful. Just like you. I LOVE it.

  4. Debbie - cool blog. But, are you raising the chickens to eat? I could not eat something I named. Or is just for the eggs? They are so cute when they are little.

    Carla Faherty

  5. Carla
    Just for the Eggs! Not going to the trouble of cleaning them.


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