Saturday, May 21, 2011


We first decided to raise ducks and chickens after a trip to Atwood's in Waco. First we wanted to do some research and found several good blogs that helped us out learning what we needed to know before getting any baby chicks or ducklings.

When the time came there were no ducks at the store and we did not want to order 10 of them so we just went with 16 chicks. A variety of colors and types.

Here are some photos of their first day here on the farm..


We still have to build the outside coop but the adventure should be a fun one!!

We need to name all of them. So far we have only a few names; Daffy, Goldy, Biggin, & Red.
Any suggestions??


  1. What about vintage name? Like Harriett, Thelma, Edith, Frances, Agnes, etc... You already have Daffy, what about other cartoon names? Olive Oyl, Wilma and Betty, Lois Lane, Petunia, etc... Spices? Cinnamon, Paprika, Sage, Rosemary... Actresses? Sandra, Julia, Angelina, Reese, Hallie, etc... Cities? Phoenix, Miami, Albany, Roswell, Sheridan, Memphis, etc...

  2. Phoenix would be good for one...she looks like a hawk I also like Olive. Thanks!!!


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