Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Project Life

Each year I create a year book of what all we have done over the past year. I have been doing this since 1983.Its fun to look back at the year's adventures.  Last year I was able to start and finish the year by using the project life album. It was nice to actually finish 2010 on last day of the year. By using this system it saved me time and it made scrapbooking fun again. This year 2011, I started off with the same concept album but this time I used the products from my stash and the leftovers from 2010.

This year started out a little slow and hectic. I have not been able to keep the album up like I would like but that is okay. Its suppose to be fun not a chore. Hopefully I am planning on digging into them in a week or so after school is over for the quarter.

I don't take photos everyday but basically get the something from the week. I have been trying to focus on the little things that we might forget about. I do not have children but we have pets that are treated as children so there are many photos of them.

There was a modern art exhibit of photos from the 1950s and it was an eye opener as most of the photos were from everyday events. It made me feel like I was seating in the room with the people in the photos. People often took photos of the car in the background, which we don't do anymore. The other photos were of people getting their hair done, working in the yard, or just seating around watching tv or listening to the radio.

The plans are to set the timer and let the camera take photos of us in our everyday, cleaning, relaxing and living life.

With summer starting there will be many photo to be taken with the summer activities. 

Happy !!!

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  1. Just keep at it! I've kind of slowed down a bit too but always try to catch it up. :)


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