Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I finally finished the Alpine Puzzle with my choice of colors. I really like these better than the purple.
The designer Ada Haydon wants to include a photo of this on her website!! Cool Not sure when it will be on there but its nice to be asked.
Here is the blog: Eye candy needleart

Below is the first needlework that I did this year. It is made of all Silk thread and is so soft. I need to get it framed so I will stop touching the threads. I learned that I really like doing needlework. It seems to be faster than traditional cross stitch. 
Where to get them framed is the next question. I have heard that you can get the mattes cut for a little of nothing at any frame shop. Little by little!

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  1. Very cool! These look great. My grandmother left behind a few needle work pieces that my Mom had me finish years ago. I liked needlework too but found I had to pay so much more attention to what I was doing. I love to cross stitch watching movies and when I'm doing the same stitch over and over it's easier to multi-task. That's why I never could get back into needlework after I finished my gradma's pieces - cross stitch just works for me! :)


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