Sunday, January 20, 2013

New project 2013!

Where did January go? We are flying by already?!? I want this year to slow down I have too many projects to finish and yet I created a new one...Yes, I added a new project to my pile but this one is easy and only have to work with it once a month.

Let me back up a bit... I recently got a new camera (no surprise, I buy one every year it seems) but this one is a Fuji film instax mini 7s. I have been selling items on ebay and saved up enough to buy one so it makes it even more special. 

While playing with my new instant camera I realized how I started taking photos as a child. (I saved green stamps to get my first camera!!) I would take photos of the sunset. In honor of this memory and the fact that we are starting a new year made it even more appealing to start a new project. 

I am taking a photo on the same day (16th) of the sunset and adding it to this little book. The 16th does not have any real meaning it just was the day I thought of it :)

The 2013 actually came from some junk mail that I got and loved the color and thought it would work well with the size of the project.

This camera takes small photos about 2x3 which will be great for project life pockets.
As I am still learning more about this instant camera as it has a close up lens you can buy and other decorative film. I just hope the film is easily available.

Thanks for stopping by hopefully I will be working on completing other projects and not start another one.


  1. That looks like a fun new toy! Love the idea of taking one photo of the same thing every month - seeing how the view changes through the seasons! :)

  2. I only fear the supplies of film. I noticed my local store is not carrying it any longer. Will have to go online or into a bigger town to see if they have it.


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