Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Mail + other stuff

Hello Again! Things have been pretty crazy this past month. It is really hard to believe that February is just days away.....where did January go? For me I got a job, so time is really limited. I forgot how hard it was to do a 40 hour a week job and keep the house straight and do all the fun crafts I like to do.

I did seat down and get my photos from December & January uploaded and printed! That was crazy to see I have not printed any photos for a while.

The cute giraffe photo I got off pinterest which seems to be the new hot trend of 2012.

Below are some of the postcards that I have received. I still need to scan some and add them. Its on my list of to-do's.

Not real happy about the postage going up this year. Makes me wonder if people will stop mailing things because of the price hike? 

Again thanks for stopping by...leave a little comment so I know someone is reading this....


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